Forerunner School of Ministry

Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM) is the training school of International House of Prayer Atlanta, composed of three distinct tracks: Biblical Training, Kingdom Works, and Prayer & Missions. Each training track consists of Classes, Workshops/Seminars, and Intensives.



This track is composed of classes focused on the study of specific books of the Bible or Biblical themes. Completion of this certificate will take you through Bible classes from Old to New Testament, through themes in end-times and intimacy, as well as exploring in depth the beauty and majesty of the Man Christ Jesus as the central figure of all of scripture.


This track combines both growth in supernatural ministry and justice issues. Jesus promised that His disciples, “will do the same works I have done, and even greater works.”(John 14:12) This certificate combines classes focused on growing in the gifts of the Spirit, spiritual warfare, evangelism, and courses on how to engage in seeking justice for social issues with a kingdom mindset.


We believe God is raising up a prayer and missions movement that will see the great commission completed and the incense of extravagant prayer and worship fill every nation on earth. Learn in this track the biblical foundations for missions & prayer as a movement, the practicals of intercession and personal prayer, and how to walk in both intimacy and partnership by engaging in prayer and missions from our neighborhoods to the nations.





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All Classes are 10 weeks in duration and require a $50 registration fee.