Forerunner Internship

The Forerunner Internship is designed specifically for 18-30 year olds who desire to spend a focused, 3-month season of their life going deeper in their relationship with Jesus, living a life of prayer, and doing the works of the Kingdom. Set in the context of our live 24/7 prayer room, interns will go deep in the key messages of the House of Prayer.

Forerunner interns will experience fellowship in a small group atmosphere and also connect weekly to our young adult community at Forerunner Church. This internship is perfect for those desiring to strengthen their relationship with God before taking the next step in life. Hundreds of young people have set aside time for this life-changing season and completed this program!



Join a community of believers who are pursuing the Lord in the context of night and day prayer. We’re inviting you to a season of consecration where you’re setting aside 3 months of your life to seek the Lord and sit at His feet. As we sit in His presence we are transformed.

The internship includes a full time schedule; we do not allow interns to retain jobs, be enrolled in school or have other full or part-time commitments. Interns are responsible for securing their own meals, transportation, bills & other expenses, and it is expected that interns have enough funds in advance before being accepted.



Each applicant must have a pastoral reference form completed for their application to be considered complete. Please send this link to a pastoral leader who knows you well and have them submit it.

Please Note: Pastoral References must know the internship applicant for at least 3-5 years. References cannot be the spouse of the intern, a family member or related to the intern.



The Winter Applications are closed for 2021.

We are now accepting applicants for the Summer of 2021. Please email with any questions.

Summer 2021: June 1 - August 6

**Summer Application Deadline is May 16th, 2021**



Free Tuition has been extended for this internship program! This does not include the $50 application fee (nonrefundable) and the $75 materials fee required upon acceptance. All housing fees, transportation, meals & other expenses during the internship are the responsibility of the intern.

If you have any questions, email



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Summer 2021 : June 1 - August 6

*Summer Application Deadline is May 16th, 2021**

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