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How To Apply

Online Application form below (completing the application may take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete!

Personal Essays

Please create documents to complete your answers to these essays and attach them to the end of the application.

Pastoral Recommendation

Personal Recommendation

Personal and Pastoral References must know the applicant for at least 2-5 years. References cannot be the spouse of the applicant or related to the applicant.

Application Fee

$50 non-refundable application fee

Dates & Information

2019 Summer Semester: May 26- August 2

Summer Application Deadline: May 12

2019 Fall Semester: September 1- November 22

Fall Application Deadline: July 18

Task School of Frontier Missions is a rigorous training program designed for young leaders (ages 18–30) who desire to be full-time missionaries working internationally amongst unreached people groups. Because of the nature of our school, acceptance into the program is highly selective based on a number of practical factors, including commitment to God, demonstrated leadership, and life circumstances. Once we reach capacity, we will place remaining qualified applicants on a waiting list. Upon your acceptance, you will receive an email, letter of acceptance, and/or phone call from us.

Now Accepting Applications For

Fall Task School of Frontier Missions

Task School Begins

Summer 2019 - May 26


Atlanta, GA

Application Fee


Application Deadline

May 12

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Personal Information

Family Information

If your parents do not support you or if you are unsure of their support, please explain.

Education Information

Ministry Information

Please describe your current relationship with your local church. How have you served in your local congregation?

Leadership Experience (check all that apply):

Please describe any ministry training that you have received and any ministry leadership involvement.

Task is designed to equip and send young leaders as intercessory missionaries. Are you prepared to go "full-time" in cross-cultural ministry as an intercessory missionary? Please explain your answer. (If you feel called to a specific nation or people group, please include this in your answer.)

Please assess yourself in the following areas.

What would you consider to be your struggles and weaknesses?

Are you a worship leader, singer, or do you play a musical instrument? If so, describe your experience and skills.

If you have completed an IHOP internship in the last 2 years, please have your internship leader fill out your pastoral recommendation form. Otherwise have your current pastoral leader fill out the form.

Financial Information

Please explain your plans for managing your debt (if any) if accepted.

How do you plan on paying the Task program costs?

Are you prepared to trust God fully for your financial support? Are you comfortable support raising? Please discuss your vision and convictions related to raising support as an intercessory missionary.

Health Information

Please explain anything you marked above or any other health issues.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please explain.

Additional Information

Please list the nation(s) and circumstances for which you were refused a visa.

Please elaborate

Please acknowledge your agreement with the following statements by checking each box.

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