Finish The Task



In 1886, a movement in America sparked by prayer and fasting compelled over 20,000 young adults to leave the comforts of their lives and pioneer the unknown world yet to be reached with the gospel. With unwavering faith, a whole generation sowed their lives amongst the hardest and darkest nations to see the fulfillment of Jesus’ words come to pass that the “gospel of the kingdom must be preached in ALL the world as a witness to EVERY nation and then the end would come”.


This massive shift towards reaching the unreached would become known as The Student Volunteer Movement. Their call to action: “to finish the task of world evangelization in one generation”. Today there are 3 billion people that are considered “unreached”. They have no access to the gospel, no church, no christians, no bible, and no knowledge of Jesus. Our King is coming back for a Bride made of “every tribe, tongue, people, and nation” (Rev. 5:9). These truly lost peoples live in 7,000 different people groups located in the hardest and darkest places of the world. Jesus wants them all.


Finish the Task is a mission sending organization that provides pastoral care, business infrastructure, and strategic leadership for missionaries and partner organizations primarily throughout the 10/40 window as well as the nations of the earth. If you desire to connect with our sending agency, email