What are the program costs for Task School?

Tuition is FREE, but students are still required to cover housing (approx. $300/mo). While tuition is free, all students will be required to raise outreach funds of approximately $6000.

Does Task School include room and board?

Students will pay Finish the Task for residential housing, and are expected to cover their own food costs. Task does not charge for food but expects every student to arrange their meals on their own. All residential housing has a full kitchen available for student meals.

What is the estimated cost for the short term outreach portion of Task School?

The estimated cost is $6,000. This includes round-trip flight, in-country transportation (flights, trains, taxis, etc.), as well as all meals and team-housing for the duration.

Are there any additional costs?

In addition to paying your outreach, students will be responsible to pay any costs associated with obtaining a travel visa, a passport, and required immunizations.

Where will the Task School be held?

Task School is based at the International House of Prayer in Atlanta, GA.

Statement of Faith

If you have any additional questions or would like to request more information about Task School of Frontier Missions you may email us at info@finishthetask.global